Bluster is not a strategy

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
September 8, 2014

Bluster is on the loose. Pundits and politicians are raising a drumbeat of demands for muscular action, condemning President Obama for his caution and supposed passivity. But the bluster is providing more heat than light.


15th Annual Rainbow PUSH Creating Opportunity Conference

October 2 - 4
Hyatt Regency Hotel


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Rainbow PUSH/CEF 2014 Global Automotive Summit


October 13
MGM Grand Detroit

The only business conference that takes a deep dive into the automotive industry for people of color.




Rainbow PUSH Releases New Video: “Changing the Face of Technology”


Premieres new video to showcase
their plans to increase inclusion
and diversity in Silicon Valley
and throughout the tech industry.




Rev. Jesse Jackson Challenges Silicon Valley on Inclusion

Attends HP shareholders meeting & calls for a new era of inclusion and growth in Silicon Valley

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