States’ refusal to expand Medicaid is deadly attack on poor Americans

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
April 22, 2014

When terrorists attack us, we unite as one to defend our nation and our countrymen and women. Yet, we allow the doctrine of the Confederacy — states’ rights — to divide us, even to the point of costing Americans their lives.


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The horror of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut is beyond comprehension. Twenty children, their teachers and aides, their school principal, shot repeatedly by a 20-year-old wielding a semiautomatic assault weapon. This follows the recent movie theater attack in Aurora, Colorado and multiple college campus and high school shootings over the past years. And daily in major cities like Chicago, the trauma builds. This year as of Dec. 10, Chicago has witnessed 485 killed in gun violence, 125 under the age of 18. As of 2009, there were an estimated 310 million non-military firearms owned in America. The country is saturated with guns.

It’s time to take action. None of us is safe in a nation where assault weapons are readily available. We need to revive the ban on assault weapons now.


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