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June 21, 2020




There’s A “Con” In His Republican Opponent’s Name


A Statement By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


Today I’m endorsing a 35-year-old young man from Kentucky, Charles Booker, who was raised on the wrong side of the tracks in the poorest zip code in Louisville, but he’s rising in the polls to secure victory in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary race.


State Representative Charles Booker is African American but his platform and outreach covers all of Kentucky.  He’s keeping hope alive by building a Kentucky Rainbow Coalition around a majority of citizens in the state that has lost jobs and been left out: left out of good paying jobs to sustain a family; left out of job training for the new jobs of the 21st Century; left out of high quality and affordable health care; left out of good schools and a top-notch education; left out of safe, sanitary and affordable housing left out of a clean environment with renewable energy; and left out of a bright future for their children. 


He’s running for inclusion and to change all of that.  He has a vision for Kentucky that includes blacks and whites, young and old, the poor and the middle class – everybody in, nobody out.


If you think Donald Trump is unrepresentative of the average Kentuckian, you haven’t yet met Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), whose last name has “con” in the middle of  it.  He calls himself the Republican Senate “Majority Leader” yet he’s pulled around on Trump’s leash and follows wherever Trump leads. He even calls himself the “grim reaper” because he’s buried over 400 pieces of good legislation that have come to his desk from the House of Representatives, while others refer to him as “Moscow Mitch” because during Trump’s impeachment proceedings he overlooked the role the Russians played in electing Trump President with a minority of the popular vote and does the Russians favors in Kentucky.


McConnell knows and represents Washington’s big money and their insiders real well, but seems to know little about average Kentuckians or the people in his own poor state.


McConnell, the “con,” doesn’t much believe in democracy and is one of the key leaders in the Republican voter suppression efforts.  He supports reducing Kentucky’s 3,700 voting precincts to 200 polling places to make it more difficult to vote, including just one polling place in Louisville where the largest numbers of African Americans live because he believes in suppressing the vote of blacks. I think the time of McConnell’s “con” is up!


So if you want someone to represent you that reflects a government of, by and for the people, I recommend you vote for Charles Booker on Tuesday, June 23, and let nothing or nobody keep you from the polls and from voting.