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An Invitation from Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

October 6, 2018


An Invitation from Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Saturday, October 6, 2018


The dream lives on, the struggle continues, we have the power.


Please join me, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Emmy award winning Judge Greg Mathis on October 12 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for the 20th Annual Awards Gala and fundraiser, a night of food, music and song, to celebrate my 77th birthday.


Back by popular demand, Lalah Hathaway, the Grammy Award-winning artist and daughter of music royalty, Donny Hathaway, will perform. 


These are perilous times. Everything we’ve fought for – and won – in the last 60 years is under attack: voting rights, worker’s rights, children’s rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, affordable health care and environmental protections.


We need your support to continue our work: voter registration, and equity and inclusion in Hollywood, the auto industry, Silicon Valley and Wall Street.


But in this season of darkness, our lights are coming on. Just look at Rep. Beto O’Rourke from Texas who is running for the U.S. Senate. His father, Pat O’Rourke, was one of the Rainbow’s 1988 presidential campaign managers.


The wheels of justice are turning in our direction and will continue to do so if we keep fighting with our voices and our votes.


The voice of California Rep. Maxine Waters and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of the Judiciary Committee and Senator Cory Booker are impactful.


The voices of Mike Espy running for U.S. Senate in Mississippi, Andrew Gillum running for governor in Florida, Stacey Abrams running for governor of Georgia and Ben Jealous running for governor of Maryland are also impactful. When we run, we inspire others and we win.


This November 6 can be a Jubilee Day if everyone joins the fight. There are 4 million blacks in the South who are unregistered, 8 million blacks nationally who are unregistered and 2.5 million registered African Americans who did not vote in 2016.


If we vote our interests, we can change the political landscape of this nation. If we vote our numbers in the South, we can change the culture of this country in a big way. If we vote our hopes and not our fears, we win.


At the birthday gala, we will honor some of the men and women in the trenches of the freedom struggle. Senator Kamala Harris will receive The King/Johnson AwardRev. Amos C. Brown of the Third Baptist Church of San Francisco will receive The Prophet AwardPastor Chuck Singleton, of Loveland Church in Fontana, California, will receive The Social Justice Award.


Another honoree will be Rev. Marvin Hunter, pastor of Grace Memorial Baptist Church. Rev. Hunter is the great uncle of Laquan McDonald, the 17-year-old that was shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer in the ugliest lynching since Emmett Till.


Linda Haywood, the great niece of Jack Johnson who waged an often-lonely battle to clear her uncle’s name, will also be honored. Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion of the world, was wrongfully convicted of transporting a white woman across state lines for “immoral purposes.” The woman was his girlfriend and future wife. Nearly a century later, Johnson finally received a presidential pardon.


Judy Pace Flood, the widow of the late baseball great Curt Flood, who challenged major league baseball and opened free agency for professional sports, will be a special guest at the event.


It will be an exciting evening. The celebration begins at 6 PM. We’ll see you there.



John Mitchell


Rainbow PUSH Coalition is a multi-racial, multi-issue, progressive, international organization that was formed in December 1996 by the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. through merging of two organizations he founded Operation PUSH People United to Serve Humanity (estab. 1971) and the Rainbow Coalition (estab. 1984). With headquarters in Chicago and offices in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Oakland, the organization works to make the American Dream a reality for all citizens while advocating for peace and justice around the world. RPC is dedicated to improving the lives of all people by serving as a voice for the voiceless. Its mission is to protect, defend and gain civil rights by leveling the economic and educational playing fields while promoting peace and justice around the world.

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