What Happened On January 6, 2021

What Happened On January 6, 2021 By Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Be very clear. What happened on January 6, 2021 was an attempted coup d’etat that had an inside and outside dimension and strategy! It was an undemocratic effort by President Donald Trump and over 150 Republicans to reject the popular votes [...]

Take a stand against gun violence terrorizing our streets

Gun violence spiked across the country in 2020, the most violent year in decades. 19,000 were killed in shootings, the highest death toll in 20 years (and that does not include gun suicides). Mass shootings — defined as four or more shot in an incident — also rose drastically to over [...]

Georgia and its long history of voter suppression

Now that Donald Trump’s baseless lies about voter fraud have been summarily dismissed by the courts, perhaps some attention can be paid to the true threat to free and fair elections: systemic and massive voter suppression. Voter suppression, not voter fraud, could have critically important effects in Senate runoff elections in [...]

Rev. Jackson congratulates Airbnb

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, December 11, 2020   Rev. Jackson congratulates Airbnb Chicago, IL – The Rainbow PUSH Coalition congratulates Airbnb on its initial public offering today. We are especially pleased to have worked with Airbnb since 2017 to assure that a dozen high quality minority, women, and veteran owned firms [...]

Biden should revive the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

A new president takes office with the sense of possibility that comes with a new dawn. This is particularly true for Joe Biden, taking office after the divisive turmoil of Donald Trump’s years in office. Biden inherits truly fearsome troubles — among them the spiking pandemic, the collapsing economy, corrosive inequality, [...]