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April 29, 2015


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Wednesday, April 29, 2015, Chicago, IL -- Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., -- It was announced today that former Illinois Governor Dan Walker died at his home in California at the age of 92.  He was the Governor of Illinois from 1973 to 1977.


He is mostly remembered for how he became Illinois Governor.   Dan Walker walked nearly 1,200 miles across the state to defeat Paul Simon in the Democratic primary and then defeated Republican Richard Ogilvie in the general election.  As Governor he often acted independently of both Democrats and Republicans to embrace and enact several governmental reforms to reduce corruption in the state. In the African American community he will be remembered as an inclusive politician that embraced Roland Burris in his administration.


After the turmoil of the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention, Dan Walker was charged with investigating what happened.  The Walker Commission issued a report entitled Rights In Conflict concluding that what occurred at the Democratic National Convention was nothing short of a Chicago police riot.  That upset Mayor Richard J. Daley and some believe that it was the Walker Commission Report that, after he left office and became a private citizen and businessman, led to his being investigated and convicted of bank fraud for which he served 18 months in prison.